I finally finished reading Stephen King’s It.  It took way longer than expected and I was a little sad when it was finished since it was such an epic book.  Spoilers ahead!

The story follows a group of seven friends and shifts from their experience with a monster who is haunting the town of Derry Maine when they were children to 27 years later when they are adults and the monster is back still haunting this town. The seven of them form a bond which can destroy It.

This book was just a really great read.  It took me longer than usual to read because of length and various things going on in my life but every time I picked up the book again I was instantly transported back into the world.  Even though it was over 1,000 pages it did not feel like it and I even found myself wanting there to be more.  I loved how deep we dived into all the characters and seeing where they came from and how that affected who they were present day. Everyone was so clearly defined and I loved being brought into everyone’s detailed and distinct worlds. I was so interested reading about the bully and real life antagonist Henry Bowers.  His world was so messed up and strange and it was so intriguing to see where he came from and how he became the way he was and the path he went on as a result.  It was interesting how his father’s negative influence shaped who he was as a person.  I could just clearly see that whole environment and the grittiness and layer of sadness on it all.

I also found Beverly’s home situation to be extremely sad to read about it.  She also lived in a somewhat depressing environment and had to walk on eggshells to avoid her father raging out on her.  Even when she was careful it sometimes didn’t work.  Putting myself in that place it would be so stressful to live in a home where you have no idea what someone is going to freak out about from one moment to the next. With both Beverly and Henry it was such a conflict because you are born to love and admire your parents but when you have parents like they did it causes such an inner turmoil because if it was anyone else doing those things to you, you probably wouldn’t think twice about hating them or retaliating, but when it’s someone you inherently love how to react gets tricky.

There were so many good scenes in this book it’s really hard to pick a few standouts. Everything was so intertwined and came together so nicely. I obviously loved the opening with Georgie preparing to go out in the rain with his paper boat and then being taken away by It. The phrase “You’ll float too” was introduced and is haunting. I also loved when Bill and Richie were in Bill’s room looking at the photo album and George’s photo moves in the book. It was  creepy and I loved how that theme continued throughout the book of the moving photos.

I liked the scene where Beverly comes back to Derry and decides to go and see her father and then finds out he died but gets invited into her old apartment but an older woman who ends up being It. The whole scene was really captivating and I didn’t see the fact that the old woman was It coming.  I thought it was just going to be closure for Beverly but it ended up being a nightmare come to life.

A final moment that really stuck out for me was when they were underground as adults and the sort of “zombie” Georgie comes out after Bill.  Even though it wasn’t really Georgie the agony of having to fight this thing that inhabited your younger brother’s body would have tortured me.

Overall I thought all the story lines were so well done and I could not get enough of this book. There were a couple things that I found a little off, though, and didn’t quite understand. One was when they were children, all the boys had sex with Beverly.  It was. Really strange. I didn’t quite understand the logic, and didn’t quite understand why Beverly even came up with it in the first place.  It honestly just seemed really out of left field and kind of made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. Maybe I’m just not seeing the point of it because it was so jarring to me, but it was all in all not for me.

The other thing I didn’t really get and couldn’t really get behind was this random turtle that popped up at the end? They mentioned the turtle in the beginning and it was this big secret and then it didn’t really come up again until the end when they are fighting It as children and Bill is kind of in this other universe and comes face to face with this turtle.  And the turtle doesn’t really help, just kind of tells Bill that he stays out of these things and says to make sure they really kill It because it would be harder to do when they get older. Then when they came back as adults the turtle was dead or something? And that was kind of it with the turtle. It just seemed like this really weird pointless thing and it just had me thinking, what the hell is happening here. It Photo

It’s hard to choose a favorite character in this book.  I loved this group of friends as a whole all together. It made me envious of their closeness even though they had to fight a demon other worldly monster together.  It was really sweet how they all just helped each other and supported each other unconditionally and it breaks my heart that at the end of the book, when they finally defeat It, they all slowly begin to forget each other completely. It was beautiful and sad and depressing and it really made me just sit and take that in for awhile after I was done reading.

Rating: 9/10 Besides the weird child orgy scene and the random turtle the book was pretty much perfect.

Would you recommend to a friend?: Yes, with a nightlight!

Next week I’m going to read a book I got at Bart’s Books in Ojai last weekend! It’s The Lamplighter by Anthony O’Neill! As always I welcome your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below!

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