My First Post!

Hey guys!

Thanks so much for reading my first blog post! My name is Nicole and I am an actress based in Los Angeles.  I decided to start a blog where I challenge myself to read a book a week and then write about it here! My whole life I have loved reading.  Even if things aren’t going amazing in your life at a certain moment in time you can always be taken away from it, at least for a little while, by a good book. I always feel so calm and centered perusing a bookstore.

Currently I have been super into reading thriller/mystery type books and also biographies.  I love reading thrillers because I am always super determined to solve the crime before the end of the book!  I love biographies because I find the life stories of people so fascinating.  Everyone has such a unique and interesting story to tell and I love to hear all the ins and outs of someone’s life!

In this blog I’m going to mainly talk about the book I read (and hopefully you read as well) for the week but also might get a little bit into my life as an actress here in L.A.! I’m sure the two worlds will intertwine a little bit.

The first book that I am starting with is a thriller/mystery book called The Monster of Florence by Magdalen Nabb.  I stumbled across it at the library and I guess it’s based on a true crime about a serial killer in Florence, Italy who targeted and killed unmarried couples in a popular tourist area. Hope you can read along this week with me! And I am also open to suggestions for my next book! Be sure to share in the comments!

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